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From old smartphones to laptops and gaming consoles, many of us have piles of outdated electronics collecting dust. But did you know those dormant devices can be turned into quick cash?

Companies are eager to get their hands on used gadgets — whether functioning or not — presenting opportunities to declutter while earning some green.

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Here are 10 ways to make cash quickly by recycling old electronics.

Get Paid On the Spot

One of the most immediate ways to cash in on old phones, tablets, and MP3 players is through ecoATM kiosks located in over 4,500 retail locations nationwide like Walmart and Kroger stores. Simply take your device to a nearby kiosk, let the machine appraise it, and if you accept the offer, you’ll get cash on the spot with no waiting around.

Contact Microsoft for a Trade-In Quote

Microsoft allows you to trade in almost any device — computers, tablets, gaming consoles and more — of any brand when purchasing a qualifying new Microsoft product. Get an instant quote online, upload your purchase receipt, ship the old device, and you’ll receive the cash value via PayPal or bank transfer within two weeks if the trade-in checks out.

Double Dip With Promotions

To further maximize earnings, keep an eye out for bonus recycling promotions offered by major retailers. Best Buy, for instance, frequently allows trade-in credits, plus generous percentages off new purchases when you recycle specific product categories like modems or routers. Dell and Microsoft also periodically offer discounts on new devices beyond just trade-in value.

Try Amazon Trade-In

The e-commerce giant has one of the most extensive trade-in programs, accepting everything from textbooks to video doorbells. Get an instant quote online, ship your approved device for free using an Amazon-supplied label, and if it checks out as described, you’ll receive an Amazon gift card within two business days.

Declutter And Unload On Decluttr

This website will take nearly any portable consumer electronics gadget off your hands — smartphones, tablets, game consoles, e-readers, smartwatches and more. Even if the device is non-functional, Decluttr will responsibly recycle it and may still offer a small payment. Print a free shipping label, mail it off, and payment hits fast via PayPal or direct deposit.

Let Gizmogo Maximize Device Value

Committed to keeping electronics out of landfills, Gizmogo will attempt to refurbish and resell functioning devices. But even non-working items can earn you cash, as Gizmogo mines them for salable parts before recycling the rest. Get an instant quote online, mail it for free using its label and payment is processed within one business day after evaluation.

One-Stop Shop With SellCell

To instantly see the highest payout an extensive network of over 40 buyback vendors is offering for your device, check SellCell first. This comparison tool lets you filter by product type, condition and model to find top dollar before locking in the deal and mailing off your gadget.

Bring It to Your Carrier

Most major cellphone carriers have their own trade-in and recycling programs incentivizing customers to upgrade phones or tablets. Policies vary, but you can generally trade in used mobile devices for credit toward a new one or your wireless bill. Check with your provider about current promotions.

Visit the Nearest Apple Store

Apple’s long-running trade-in program lets you bring in old iPhones, iPads, Macs and other devices for instant credit toward a new Apple purchase right at the retail store. For remote trade-ins, you’ll receive a gift card within two to three weeks. Even if your device holds no trade-in value, Apple will recycle it for free.

Mine Old Gaming Consoles and Laptops With SellBroke

This buyer accepts a wide range of electronics like desktops, laptops, printers, game consoles and cameras, regardless of condition. Get a quote online, print a free shipping label and mail off your items. Once SellBroke evaluates your shipment, they’ll pay you via Google Pay, PayPal or check.

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