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Dan Devine is joined by Frank Madden from Locked On Bucks to discuss a Milwaukee Bucks season that has included two new head coaches and a new superstar (Damian Lillard) to pair with Giannis Antetokounmpo.

On this episode of Devine Intervention, Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer Dan Devine is joined by Frank Madden from Locked On Bucks to discuss what has been a chaotic season for the Milwaukee Bucks, who are still very much championship contenders. But first…

We start with a moment of joy, and Frank decides to talk about A.J. Green’s defense before Dan waxes poetic about the Houston Rockets, who lost on Sunday but are still managing to make April NBA basketball entertaining as hell.

The guys then get to the Bucks, mostly focusing on Giannis Antetokounmpo. He’s having what might be the best season of his career, but he also deserves some of the blame for the chaos. It was his offseason threats that led to the team trading Jrue Holiday for Damian Lillard, he was part of the hiring process for Adrian Griffin and he was undoubtedly part of the firing process as well.

Is Giannis gunning for another MVP award this season? How has he handled the chaos around him? Is there reason to believe that the Bucks can compete for a championship this year?

The guys also discuss Patrick Beverley’s vibes and how they’ve helped the Bucks, and the value of Khris Middleton (who might finally be getting healthy).

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