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This 925 English lesson will be our first to focus on English phrasal verbs. And we’re going to kick off with some phrasal verbs for talking about beginnings.

If you’re not sure what a phrasal verb is, well I just used one. I said we’re going to “kick off.” “Kick off” is a phrasal verb because it has a verb – “kick” – and a preposition – “off” and when used together the meaning is different from the individual words.

There are hundreds of these little two-word combinations in English. We use them all the time. And their meaning isn’t always clear from the two words they’re made of, so it’s a great idea to study them.

925 English is a series of English video lessons for beginners (CEFR level A2). With 925 English you can learn business English expressions and phrasal verbs for business and work.

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