German construction equipment manufacturer Atlas has delivered a 57-tonne material handler to France, for the harbourside loading and unloading of of scrap metals from shipping vessels.

ATLAS 520MH  on site at St. Nazaire harbour (PHOTO: Atlas))

The 520 MH model was delivered to St. Nazaire harbour (Brittany), which according to the manufacturer, required “a very powerful material handling machine at short notice”. 

The manufacturer, which just recently provided a bespoke armoured excavator for a munitions project in Germany, said: “The Atlas 520MH is the first material handling machine on this scale that Atlas has exported to France. Pemservices, the distributor, delivered it to Terminal Grand Quest TGO in Montoir de Bretagne.

“ATLAS specialists from Ganderkesee were on site to help with familiarisation. They also trained the drivers of the ATLAS machine.”

The 520 MH material handler features a cab can be extended 3 m high and 2.5 m to the front to provide the operator with maximum visibility, and has a “special boom that provides optimum grip in the hold”. 

“The main arm features a slight bend in the centre, giving it a somewhat banana-like appearance,” said Atlas.

“This makes it possible to reach over the land side of the vessel and onto what is on the seaward side of the vessel, even at high tide and when the vessel is afloat.”

ATLAS 520MH  on site at St. Nazaire harbour Tjhe 520 MH is now on site at St. Nazaire harbour. (PHOTO: Atlas)

The 520 MH, which has a maximum reach of just under 20 m, is fitted with an Atlas E851 5 shell gripper than can hold up to 700 litres of scrap metal per handle. 

It also has a slewing mechanism that is controlled by two swivelling gears, and incorporates a slewing brake with an automatic multi-disc parking brake.

In addition, “the upper carriage reaches a speed of 5.2 rotations per minute. That’s more than speedy considering the loads that are moved here”.

According to the manufacturer, this gives the machine, which comprises an undercarriage with heavy-duty axles, a high handling capacity at a low cost. 

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