This photograph taken on December 14, 2022, shows waste baskets in a nuclear spent fuel pool (SFP) at the Orano la Hague reprocessing plant, in La Hague, northwestern France. - A Spent Fuel Pool (SFP) is a temporary storage pool for spent nuclear fuel. (Photo by Lou BENOIST / AFP) (Photo by LOU BENOIST/AFP via Getty Images)

The nuclear waste sitting at power plants across the United States contains enough energy to power the country for more than 100 years. But recycling spent uranium fuel was banned in 1977 because President Jimmy Carter feared that nuclear reprocessing could lead to more production of atomic weapons.

In the last 47 years, China, France, Japan, Russia and the United Kingdom have all developed the tools to recycle nuclear waste. The U.S., by contrast, made a plan to bury that spent fuel underground and even built a facility — but then abandoned the strategy without any clear alternative.

That may soon change.

The short-term spending bill passed this week in the U.S. House to avert a government shutdown contains the first major funding for commercializing technology to recycle nuclear waste.

The legislation earmarks $10 million for a cost-sharing program to help private nuclear startups pay for the expensive federal licensing process ― and for the first time explicitly makes waste-recycling companies eligible, according to separate documents from Congress explaining what’s in the 1,050-page bill that passed Wednesday.

“There is developing commercial interest in nuclear-fuel recycling,” said Craig Piercy, the chief executive of the American Nuclear Society. “What Congress is doing is providing some assistance to begin exploring the regulatory pathways to allow this to become a commercial reality.”

It’s a relatively small down payment to help launch an industry that may ultimately require billions to get off the ground. But its inclusion in a spending bill with support from both Republicans and Democrats represents a shift on what was once one of the most polarizing issues with atomic energy. While the funding was a particular priority for Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-Tenn.), a supporter of nuclear energy, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), a left-wing stalwart, also recently came out in support of recycling nuclear waste.

“This is a big deal,” said Edward McGinnis, who spent 30 years working on nuclear power at the Energy Department before becoming the chief executive of the fuel-recycling startup Curio. “It’s the first time that we’re seeing recycling and reprocessing as a funding item. That says a lot. That is a reflection of how much the nuclear policy landscape in a bipartisan way has changed.”

Waste baskets in a nuclear spent fuel pool are shown in December 2022 at the Orano la Hague nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in northwest France.
Waste baskets in a nuclear spent fuel pool are shown in December 2022 at the Orano la Hague nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in northwest France.

LOU BENOIST via Getty Images

Reprocessing spent nuclear waste involves extracting and dealing with the types of dangerous isotopes, such as plutonium, that can be used in bombs

The industrial conglomerate Allied Corp., which, following a series of mergers over the years, has now become part of the chemical giant Honeywell, partially built the nation’s first reprocessing facility in Barnwell, South Carolina, in the early 1970s.

Then in April 1977, in what was meant to be a show of personal restraint designed to give the U.S. the moral high ground to urge other countries not to develop more enrichment capabilities, Carter banned nuclear waste recycling. The move came three years after India became the first country to develop an atomic bomb since much of the world signed on to the 1968 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

In 1978, the Department of Energy began studying whether the federal government could bury all its nuclear waste permanently in Nevada’s Yucca Mountain. Carter’s successor, President Ronald Reagan, reversed the prohibition on nuclear reprocessing. But the billions of dollars that Allied lost on the facility dissuaded any other companies from attempting to build a recycling plant in the U.S.

Instead, Reagan signed the Nuclear Waste Policy Act in 1982, which shifted responsibility for spent nuclear fuel from the utilities generating the waste to the federal government, eliminating any financial incentive for private companies to come up with a way to deal with the stuff.

In the meantime, construction of new reactors in the U.S. slowed, and vast deposits of uranium across the American West and in trading partners like Canada provided enough fuel.

Georgia Power's Plant Vogtle nuclear power plant shown on Jan. 20, 2023, in Waynesboro.
Georgia Power’s Plant Vogtle nuclear power plant shown on Jan. 20, 2023, in Waynesboro.

Associated Press

In the 1990s, however, Bill Clinton’s administration made a deal with the newly post-Soviet Russia to buy any nuclear fuel made from disassembled atomic weapons. Unable to compete with the cheap imports, much of the domestic enrichment industry went out of business.

In the early 2000s, the U.S. planned a new reactor building spree as part of an effort to cut emissions and reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels. Under President George W. Bush, who also pushed to finish building the Yucca Mountain storage facility, Congress funded the creation of a research program on nuclear recycling, called the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative.

In 2006, the program was folded into Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, a U.S.-led effort to promote safety standards worldwide and limit which countries could purchase uranium-enrichment technologies.

After President Barack Obama took office in 2009, the Democratic administration removed funding for new waste-recycling research from the Energy Department’s budget. The Obama administration then canceled the Yucca Mountain storage project in what the federal Government Accountability Office later concluded was a political decision made to appease the Nevada constituents of then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-N.V.).

Federal law dictates that Yucca Mountain be the first nuclear waste repository in the country, so the U.S. could not consider alternative sites to bury spent fuel until Congress changed the law.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission abandoned work on a rule to give nuclear recycling companies guidelines for ultimately securing a license in 2021.

“At some point, they’re going to have to pick it back up again,” Piercy said.

The funding in the latest bill could put pressure on the agency to restart the process, he said.

“It doesn’t need to happen overnight…. I don’t think commercial recycling is going to happen in the next decade,” Piercy said. “But it makes sense to start now in clearing out the regulatory barriers to allow commercial recycling.”

In 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, sparking chaos in energy markets as European democracies sought to stop buying natural gas and oil from Moscow. The skyrocketing prices that came from brief missed shipments of fuel highlighted a key benefit of nuclear power, which is that reactors only need to be refueled every few years, insulating countries from price fluctuations in globally traded fossil fuels.

There was one problem: The Kremlin’s state-owned nuclear company, Rosatom, remained the world’s biggest exporter of nuclear technologies and the only commercial vendor for a key type of uranium fuel needed for next-generation reactors. Moscow’s dominance in nuclear energy is such that, even as the U.S. and its allies have sanctioned virtually every major energy export coming from Russia, Rosatom remains untouchable.

The Biden administration has begun spending millions to generate more of that rare type of fuel, called high-assay low-enriched uranium, or HALEU (pronounced HAY-loo). The House spending bill includes as much as $2.5 billion for producing both traditional nuclear fuel and HALEU at home.

But the White House has so far prohibited funding for HALEU from going to companies making the fuel out of nuclear waste. The Energy Department previously told HuffPost it could not guarantee that HALEU made from nuclear waste would meet the purity standards required for new reactors.

But the agency is already recycling its own waste to generate HALEU, roughly half of which so far has gone to the California-based reactor startup Oklo Inc. (Oklo, too, is working on developing technology to commercialize reprocessing with plans to ultimately recycle all its own fuel, as HuffPost previously reported.) The Energy Department said it plans to finish reprocessing all 10 metric tons of HALEU from an old research reactor at the Idaho National Laboratory in 2028.

“We’re reprocessing with taxpayer dollars right now,” McGinnis said. “We’ve known how to do reprocessing since freaking Oppenheimer. They’re already doing it.”

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Promising review: \”Well made for the price. I find it’s helpful in the morning for puffy eyes. It’s great to use after a workout in sunny Florida. I use it to cool down and reduce redness after exercising.\” — Amazon Customer“,”source”:””,”title”:”An ice roller gloriously designed to help you cool off on the stickiest of days”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$18.99 at Amazon”,”url”:””,”ampPositionInUnit”:39,”positionInSubUnit”:71}],”meta”:null,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”“,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”6482800e2400006b00fa2a7e.jpeg”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:””,”height”:1600,”width”:1200,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:38,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:68,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:828,”height”:926,”credit”:”Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed”},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca527″,”caption”:”Promising review: \”I have been a mascara snob my entire adult life, and have been purchasing the same two brands for mascara. Then, I decided to get an inexpensive tube of mascara just to have in my emergency makeup back, and WOW was I surprised! One coat of this stuff is better than four or five coats of my other stuff. It isn’t waterproof, so it comes off with just a makeup-removing facial cleanser or micellar water with no problem. It separates and lengthens my lashes. I have people stop and ask me ALL THE TIME what I do to my eyelashes to make them ‘look like that.’ Like… literally stopped in the middle of a sidewalk in downtown Tampa to ask about my eyelashes. And it really does stay in place, even without a setting spray, when most of the other makeup I use melts off. Seriously, let me put this in perspective: I live in Florida, and I wore this mascara to work every single day for the last year in the heat/humidity (including all through the summer) and they stayed on my lashes better than any other brand of mascara I’ve used. This is now officially turned into my go-to mascara!\” — Kate“,”source”:””,”title”:”Essence Lash Princess mascara”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$4.99 at Amazon”,”url”:””,”ampPositionInUnit”:37,”positionInSubUnit”:67}],”meta”:null,”credit”:”Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed”,”creditUrl”:””,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”6482800e2400003500fa2a7c.jpeg”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:”Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed”,”height”:926,”width”:828,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:36,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:65,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:952,”height”:1192,”credit”:”Amazon”},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca529″,”caption”:”Check it out in action on TikTok!

Promising review: \”I’ve been using these pillowcases for about a week now and I have to say that they have really seemed to help my hair not be so frizzy when I wake up! I live in a hot and humid climate and my hair normally just makes my life awful this time of year (summer). I have been trying a couple of new things to help my hair, like using Moroccan Oil on the ends and these pillowcases and it’s really a lot better. I also feel better about sleeping on my side now and don’t worry so much that I’m creating wrinkles. I would definitely buy these again and recommend them!\” — R. Spann“,”source”:””,”title”:”A set of satin pillowcases to protect your hair”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$9.99 at Amazon”,”url”:”″,”ampPositionInUnit”:35,”positionInSubUnit”:64}],”meta”:null,”credit”:”Amazon”,”creditUrl”:””,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”6482800f2200003300f650e5.png”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:”Amazon”,”height”:1192,”width”:952,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:34,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:61,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:1224,”height”:1632,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:””},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca52b”,”caption”:”Promising review: \”Water sports shoes save the bottom of my feet from being torn up by the pebble tech on the floor of my pool. It also protects feet from the intense Arizona heat on pool decks (yes, even pool decks get extremely hot in Arizona). I will definitely wear them when at the beach — walking on sand and in the ocean.\” — noslip“,”source”:””,”title”:”A pair of beach socks”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$9.87 at Amazon”,”url”:””,”ampPositionInUnit”:33,”positionInSubUnit”:60}],”meta”:null,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”“,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”6482800f260000330005f5e3.jpeg”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:””,”height”:1632,”width”:1224,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:32,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:57,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:828,”height”:1118,”credit”:”Emma Lord/BuzzFeed”},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca52d”,”caption”:”Promising review: \”I bought this item based on the reviews and needing something that would help with my itchy scalp. I tend to have a line on the back of my scalp where product builds up due to my thick hair and extreme Florida humidity. I’ve used this a few times now and I love the way it feels. It helps the shampoo really get into my scalp and I haven’t had as much itching since I started.\” — Ashley R. “,”source”:””,”title”:”A soothing shampoo scalp massager”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$6.98 at Amazon”,”url”:”″,”ampPositionInUnit”:31,”positionInSubUnit”:56}],”meta”:null,”credit”:”Emma Lord/BuzzFeed”,”creditUrl”:””,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”6482800f2100003000cb378e.jpeg”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:”Emma Lord/BuzzFeed”,”height”:1118,”width”:828,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:30,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:54,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:1182,”height”:1264,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:””},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca52f”,”caption”:”Promising review: \”Bought four of these in different colors, black, blue, red, and green. Love them all. Live in Florida and its perfect for the hot weather.\” — DVS“,”source”:””,”title”:”A drawstring romper”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$28.99 at Amazon”,”url”:””,”ampPositionInUnit”:29,”positionInSubUnit”:53}],”meta”:null,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”“,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”648280112400003500fa2a83.png”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:””,”height”:1264,”width”:1182,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:28,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:50,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:1064,”height”:804,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”″},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca531″,”caption”:”These come with a wireless charging case that provides up to 14 hours of charge (with the earbuds able to play for four+ hours with each full charge). They’re also sweatproof and waterproof!

Promising review: \”I can sit here and bore you with a bunch of verbiage, but I wont. Let me be clear: These earbuds are AMAZING. Seriously. They do EVERYTHING very well and they are just as described! High quality stuff! I wear them while cycling in (right now) 100+ degree humid heat in South Carolina and not only do they stay in place, but they are unaffected by sweat, etc. Amazing sound, amazing clarity. These things should easily cost $200.\” — Gene Reyna“,”source”:””,”title”:”A set of affordable wireless Bluetooth earbuds”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$25.99 at Amazon”,”url”:”″,”ampPositionInUnit”:27,”positionInSubUnit”:49}],”meta”:null,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”“,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”648280102200003300f650e7.png”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:””,”height”:804,”width”:1064,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:26,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:46,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:1224,”height”:1632,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”″},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca533″,”caption”:”The mister can cool the surrounding area by 20 degrees, and it comes with an interchangeable flower-shaped misting head for a fun, whimsy detail.

Promising review: I didn’t really expect this mister to be worth anything, but I was really wrong. I live in South Texas, so I purchased a canopy for my western facing patio and it was still to hot to sit outside. I thought I would give this a try and I couldn’t believe it. We sat outside on a 98 degree day all afternoon with just this mister! It works perfect and well worth every penny I paid for it. If this one ever breaks, I will buy another one right away. It can be adjusted to how much mist come out. Even my dogs sit out under the canopy and let the mister spray them. I would never have another summer without one.\” — Sheila“,”source”:””,”title”:”An adjustable mister”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$31.43 at Amazon”,”url”:””,”ampPositionInUnit”:25,”positionInSubUnit”:45}],”meta”:null,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”“,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”6482800f2400006b00fa2a82.jpeg”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:””,”height”:1632,”width”:1224,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:24,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:42,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:1370,”height”:1370,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:””},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca535″,”caption”:”My family uses these on our goldendoodle (who lives in Texas!) in the summer because he loves to run around our pool and he ends up with roughed-up, bloody paws from the hot pavement. When we first got these for him, he definitely walked like a baby deer! But after a day or two of wearing them inside the house, he’s been comfortable wearing them outside ever since and walks/runs normally with them on! They stay secure with the Velcro straps even when he’s zooming around the pool trying to get splashed.”,”source”:””,”title”:”A set of waterproof dog booties”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$28.99 at Amazon”,”url”:””,”ampPositionInUnit”:23,”positionInSubUnit”:41}],”meta”:null,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”“,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”648280112200006200f650e9.jpeg”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:””,”height”:1370,”width”:1370,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:22,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:39,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:910,”height”:750,”credit”:”Amazon”},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca537″,”caption”:”Promising review: \”I bought two sets of the sheets, one in navy blue and one in white. I have had the most fun with interchanging the colors, so it’s really like I have three or four sets sheets. These sheets are just the best, they wash well don’t wrinkle even after you slept on them and they just feels so great on the skin. I live in Florida and they are just the best weight ever for the hot humid nights down here, and even if it gets a little chilly with the AC on, the body adjusts to the cool air with the help of the sheets. I guarantee you won’t be sorry that you purchased the sheets. They are reasonably priced — I’m sure there’s better for several hundred dollars, but that’s out of my budget. I highly recommend these for grandparents moms and dads kids and teens, they are just great!\” — HarmonyLady“,”source”:””,”title”:”A very popular set of breathable, cooling bed sheets”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$27.99 at Amazon”,”url”:”″,”ampPositionInUnit”:21,”positionInSubUnit”:38}],”meta”:null,”credit”:”Amazon”,”creditUrl”:””,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”64828011260000590005f5e7.png”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:”Amazon”,”height”:750,”width”:910,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:20,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:36,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:1344,”height”:656,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”″},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca539″,”caption”:”Promising review: \”My Labrador loves this mat! I opened it and put it on his dog bed and before I knew it, he was asleep on it. He overheats quickly (we live in south central Texas) and he seems to love it. If all goes well in the next few weeks, I’ll be purchasing another for the convenience of not having to move it all over the house.\” — June P.“,”source”:””,”title”:”A pet cooling mat”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$28.98 at Amazon”,”url”:”″,”ampPositionInUnit”:19,”positionInSubUnit”:35}],”meta”:null,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”“,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”648280122400006b00fa2a85.png”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:””,”height”:656,”width”:1344,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:18,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:32,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:1100,”height”:1100,”credit”:”Amazon”},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca53b”,”caption”:”Promising review: \”Perfect for children and pets! I have this hooked up in my 2016 Chevy Cruze. The plug in part is long enough to be hidden along my seats and plugged in to the outlet. I love the fact that I can manually control the speed of the fans right at my finger tips. This is perfect for any smaller car or SUV that doesn’t have AC flow to the back. We live in the south and it gets extremely hot in the backseat, so it’s takes awhile to cool down. I highly recommend this!\” — Alexandria“,”source”:””,”title”:”A set of backseat car fans”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$29.99 at Amazon”,”url”:””,”ampPositionInUnit”:17,”positionInSubUnit”:31}],”meta”:null,”credit”:”Amazon”,”creditUrl”:””,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”64828011260000330005f5e6.jpeg”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:”Amazon”,”height”:1100,”width”:1100,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:16,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:29,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:1130,”height”:1224,”credit”:”Amazon”},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca53d”,”caption”:”Promising review: \”I will never buy another pair of warm weather PJs again other than these. I am a thirtysomething post-baby lady, and with my hormones paired with living in Arizona, I needed PJs that were cool and comfortable. But I often found that the fabric of other PJs would rapidly get worn, pilled, and rough. These silky soft PJs have been going strong for months now through countless hot flashes and heat waves when it would get into the 80s in our bedroom. If you are a hot-blooded person and need to cool down, I can’t recommend these PJs enough. I literally never leave reviews but felt compelled to preach to others the good word of Latuza’s PJs.\” — Margery“,”source”:””,”title”:”An ultra-cooling bamboo fabric sleep set”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$26+ at Amazon”,”url”:”″,”ampPositionInUnit”:15,”positionInSubUnit”:28}],”meta”:null,”credit”:”Amazon”,”creditUrl”:””,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”648280122100006400cb3790.png”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:”Amazon”,”height”:1224,”width”:1130,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:14,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:26,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:992,”height”:996,”credit”:”Amazon”},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca53f”,”caption”:”Promising review: \”It gets to be over 100 degrees in the summer where I live. These come in handy when working in the yard, at the beach or even at the county fair when it’s super hot. What a relief these are to use when the weather is hot. I’ve purchased these many times because I always seem to give them out especially to those that work outside in the heat (mail carrier, pool guy, landscaper…) and they are always very appreciative.\” — Realfoodmama“,”source”:””,”title”:”A set of towels”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$13.59 at Amazon”,”url”:”″,”ampPositionInUnit”:13,”positionInSubUnit”:25}],”meta”:null,”credit”:”Amazon”,”creditUrl”:””,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”648280132400006000fa2a88.jpeg”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:”Amazon”,”height”:996,”width”:992,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:12,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:23,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:1632,”height”:1224,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”″},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca541″,”caption”:”Promising review: \”Withstands 110+ degree weather when I park outside Vegas in the summer, and my steering wheel is fine to touch. I can’t ask for more than that!\” — Ama Zon Customer“,”source”:””,”title”:”A heat-resistant steering wheel cover”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$14.39 at Amazon”,”url”:”″,”ampPositionInUnit”:11,”positionInSubUnit”:22}],”meta”:null,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”“,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”64828013260000590005f5e9.jpeg”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:””,”height”:1224,”width”:1632,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:10,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:19,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:844,”height”:1184,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”″},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca543″,”caption”:”Promising review: \”This is very comfortable and flowy. Wore it all day and didn’t want to take it off because of how comfy it was. I got lots of compliments on it at my baby shower — I’m eight months pregnant in Texas and it’s HOT here.\” — Lorin Rae“,”source”:””,”title”:”A maxi dress”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$33.99 at Amazon”,”url”:”″,”ampPositionInUnit”:9,”positionInSubUnit”:18}],”meta”:null,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”“,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”648280162100003000cb3794.png”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:””,”height”:1184,”width”:844,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:8,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:15,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:1562,”height”:1176,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”″},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca545″,”caption”:”Promising review: \”My 2-year-old and 10-year-old kids and 32-year-old husband love it. Super easy to put together. Great for easy cool down in the back for those without a pool. Florida living here, so water is a must in summer. Has held up very well in terms of durability. Left it out for a few days, and it still worked great.\” — Deja T. “,”source”:””,”title”:”A family-friendly backyard sprinkler”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$24.96 at Amazon”,”url”:”″,”ampPositionInUnit”:7,”positionInSubUnit”:14}],”meta”:null,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”“,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”648280162100005900cb3793.png”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:””,”height”:1176,”width”:1562,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:6,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:11,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:1100,”height”:1100,”credit”:”Amazon”},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca547″,”caption”:”Promising review: \”I LOVE this mattress pad. I let it breathe as directed. Living in Florida, my bed is always hot at night. I have been using this for a week, and I can feel the coolness of this mattress pad any time I wake up in the night. It is very comfortable also, adding a pillow feel to my bed. There is also a lot of space for any depth of mattress. I have a regular width mattress and I can easily tell a pillow top would be covered just as well. Well worth the purchase!\” — Julie Santello“,”source”:””,”title”:”A reviewer-beloved mattress pad”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$28.82 at Amazon”,”url”:”″,”ampPositionInUnit”:5,”positionInSubUnit”:10}],”meta”:null,”credit”:”Amazon”,”creditUrl”:””,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”648280132400003500fa2a89.jpeg”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:”Amazon”,”height”:1100,”width”:1100,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:4,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:8,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:1054,”height”:1235,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:””},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca54b”,”caption”:”Promising review: \”I was very skeptical of this product but decided to give it a try after reading the reviews and knowing if it didn’t work I could return it. Let me preface this review by saying I live a few miles from a swamp in south Louisiana.

I know it says wait 15 minutes to give it time to work, but I wanted to make sure mosquitoes were swarming to test it effectively. So I camped out in my favorite chair and was immediately swarmed by mosquitoes. I started the unit, and in about 15 minutes there wasn’t a mosquito near me! No exaggeration. I am sitting outside as night is falling in south Louisiana and not one mosquito is buzzing me. I have been out here just over an hour and I have only two bites – one bite was from when I first sat down and before the unit was on 15 minutes. I am seriously impressed with this product and I am ordering more for gifts and to expand my own coverage as soon as I am done with this review. And there is no stinky citronella smell. There is no odor at all. Amazing.\” — NolaMom“,”source”:””,”title”:”A mosquito repellent patio shield”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$19.99 at Amazon”,”url”:””,”ampPositionInUnit”:3,”positionInSubUnit”:7}],”meta”:null,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”“,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”648280182100006400cb3796.png”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:””,”height”:1235,”width”:1054,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:2,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:4,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null},{“embedData”:{“type”:”hector”,”url”:””,”queryParams”:{},”width”:1224,”height”:1224,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:””},”type”:”image”,”common”:{“id”:”64828018e4b0756ff85ca54d”,”caption”:”Promising review: \”Living in Florida, I’ve had a lot of beach bags over the years! This is one of my favorites. I love the color! The turquoise color is very pretty. The bag is big enough to fit towels, a change of clothes, and sunscreen for several people. The insulated pocket on the bottom is nice for water bottles, etc. This bag is well made. The handles are connected to the bag well, and the seams are tight. Overall, a great bag!\” — Riv2359“,”source”:””,”title”:”An ingenious tote with a built-in cooler”,”type”:”image”,”summary”:””,”badge”:””,”cta”:[{“text”:”$29.99 at Amazon”,”url”:””,”ampPositionInUnit”:1,”positionInSubUnit”:3}],”meta”:null,”credit”:””,”creditUrl”:”“,”authorship”:{“author”:{“id”:”000000000000000000000000″,”bio”:{},”urls”:{},”urlName”:{“text”:””,”transliterated”:””}}},”social”:{},”thumbnail”:{“url”:{“fileName”:”648280172400006000fa2a8c.jpeg”,”type”:”hectorUrl”},”credit”:””,”height”:1224,”width”:1224,”ops”:””},”textWrap”:”wrapped”,”imagePositionInUnit”:0,”imagePositionInSubUnit”:0,”authors”:[],”isLiveblogSlide”:false},”provider”:null}],”settings”:{“type”:”standard”,”eventName”:””,”eventType”:”standard”},”options”:{“theme”:”news”,”device”:”desktop”,”editionInfo”:{“id”:”us”,”name”:”U.S.”,”link”:””,”locale”:”en_US”},”originalEdition”:”us”,”slideshowAd”:{“scriptTags”:[],”otherHtml”:””},”slideshowEndCard”:{“scriptTags”:[],”otherHtml”:””},”isMapi”:false,”isAmp”:false,”isVideoEntry”:false,”isEntry”:true,”isMt”:false,”entryId”:”65ea3392e4b0c77c7415c026″,”entryPermalink”:”″,”entryTagsList”:”government-spending,nuclear-waste”,”sectionSlug”:”politics”,”deptSlug”:”politics-news”,”sectionRedirectUrl”:null,”subcategories”:”business,green,us-news”,”isWide”:false,”headerOverride”:null,”noVideoAds”:false,”disableFloat”:false,”isNative”:false,”commercialVideo”:{“provider”:”custom”,”site_and_category”:”us.politics”,”package”:null},”isHighline”:false,”vidibleConfigValues”:{“cid”:”60afc111dcf87c2cd2f5d8bf”,”overrides”:{“front_page_top_videos”:{“desktop”:”60b64354b171b7444beaff4d”,”mobileweb”:”60b64354b171b7444beaff4d”},”top_media”:{“desktop”:”60b8e6bdc5449357a7ada147″,”mobile”:”60b8e701c5449357a7ada2ee”,”iphone”:”60b8e643cdd90620331bb1f6″,”ipad”:”60b8e643cdd90620331bb1f6″,”androidphone”:”60b8e699c5449357a7ada04c”,”androidtablet”:”60b8e699c5449357a7ada04c”},”anthology”:{“desktop”:”60b8e616cdd90620331bb0ba”,”mobile”:”60b8e671c5449357a7ad9f66″,”iphone”:”60b8e643cdd90620331bb1f6″,”ipad”:”60b8e643cdd90620331bb1f6″,”androidphone”:”60b8e699c5449357a7ada04c”,”androidtablet”:”60b8e699c5449357a7ada04c”},”content”:{“desktop”:”60b8e616cdd90620331bb0ba”,”mobile”:”60b8e671c5449357a7ad9f66″,”iphone”:”60b8e643cdd90620331bb1f6″,”ipad”:”60b8e643cdd90620331bb1f6″,”androidphone”:”60b8e699c5449357a7ada04c”,”androidtablet”:”60b8e699c5449357a7ada04c”}},”playerUpdates”:{“5668ae6ee4b0b5e26955d6a6″:”60d2472d9340d7032ad7e443″,”56aa41bae4b091744c0440d8″:”60e869dc7c5f3b17b6741b81″,”5841b2b5cc52c716ec6e5a7f”:”60b8e355cdd90620331ba185″,”58b5e2b8d85a10302feee895″:”60b64316b171b7444beafdb2″,”58b74698f78ced31417819ae”:”60b8e5bec5449357a7ad9b52″,”58b74ccecebcea57e2c3a3d1″:”60b8e5eac5449357a7ad9ca5″,”58cff690d85a100b9992bc39″:”60b8e616cdd90620331bb0ba”,”58cffb3fb6d9b972a49a3c9d”:”60b8e643cdd90620331bb1f6″,”58cffdd74d96935d7d6ec180″:”60b8e671c5449357a7ad9f66″,”58d03a84f78ced6518eb2fa7″:”60b643c82e76be41f112735c”,”592edf20e0fa177b0c26f7fd”:”60b8e699c5449357a7ada04c”,”5b35266b158f855373e28256″:”60b64354b171b7444beaff4d”,”5c116f29f79c4171d82b7c2a”:”60b64440b171b7444beb040b”,”5c1170fc600c9a697bf0c6b9″:”60b646102e76be41f1127ffc”,”5c47791afa1b317df8ae0c4f”:”60b8e6bdc5449357a7ada147″,”5c477987a6b48b35f164773d”:”60b8e701c5449357a7ada2ee”,”5c4779ee943c3c2a64f28371″:”60b8e747cdd90620331bb861″,”5c477a26fcd67b26879bc7c2″:”60b8e788c5449357a7ada67b”,”5d8921a78c3ae845f366c9b6″:”60ae7be5f3a7c13a30417ff9″,”58b98b00ba82aa39a6534321″:”60d0de7c9340d7032ad1146c”,”58b9d14cb6d9b96c9ec32af3″:”60d0dec19340d7032ad115a0″,”58cff8eccebcea42931e0436″:”60d0e005b627221e9d819d44″,”592edf5de0fa177b0c26f95b”:”60d0e38fb627221e9d81adcf”,”58cff72fd85a100b9992c112″:”60d0e447b627221e9d81b0da”,”56b4d34fe4b022697697c400″:”60d2472d9340d7032ad7e443″,”60b8e4c0c5449357a7ad957d”:”60e869dc7c5f3b17b6741b81″}},”connatixConfigValues”:{“defaultPlayer”:”ff7fdddc-5441-4253-abc4-f12a33fad58b”,”clickToPlayPlayer”:”d014396e-b366-4c17-aeac-3ce906fa3fd0″,”videoPagePlayer”:”f010447b-d244-4111-a314-7b4542ae4145″,”verticalPlayer”:”e58cb05a-0bc8-4210-9108-fea82726c065″},”customAmpComponents”:[],”ampAssetsUrl”:””,”videoTraits”:null,”positionInUnitCounts”:{“buzz_head”:{“count”:0},”buzz_body”:{“count”:62},”buzz_bottom”:{“count”:0}},”positionInSubUnitCounts”:{“article_body”:{“count”:11},”blog_summary”:{“count”:0},”before_you_go_slideshow”:{“count”:114}},”connatixCountsHelper”:{“count”:0},”buzzfeedTracking”:{“context_page_id”:”65ea3392e4b0c77c7415c026″,”context_page_type”:”buzz”,”destination”:”huffpost”,”mode”:”desktop”,”page_edition”:”en-us”},”tags”:[{“name”:”government spending”,”slug”:”government-spending”,”links”:{“relativeLink”:”topic/government-spending”,”permalink”:””,”mobileWebLink”:””},”relegenceSubjectId”:4941759,”url”:””},{“name”:”nuclear waste”,”slug”:”nuclear-waste”,”links”:{“relativeLink”:”topic/nuclear-waste”,”permalink”:””,”mobileWebLink”:””},”department”:{“name”:”Impact”,”slug”:”impact”},”section”:{“title”:”Environment”,”slug”:”green”},”topic”:{“title”:”Nuclear Waste”,”slug”:”nuclear-waste”,”overridesSectionLabel”:false},”url”:””}],”isLiveblogLive”:null,”relatedMedia”:true,”bodyAds”:[],”adCount”:0}}”>

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