A shocking but not altogether surprising report came out this week regarding the lies we have been fed for over four decades regarding the “recyclability” of plastics. I must admit, this is one of those reports I wish wasn’t true. But one which I reluctantly have to accept.

I want to be clear at the get-go — this report is not referring to the recyclability of aluminum, paper/cardboard or glass. Those are proven to be effectively recyclable as they do not degrade with each recycling of them. They maintain their integrity so that they can be reconverted over and over again.

What this report essentially says is — we cannot recycle our way out of the thorn that is plastic.

“Re” comes up a lot in the eco-world: reuse, recycle, etc. I do practice many of the Re’s in my life such as reduce and repurpose. But I think this is an opportunity for us all to also rethink, re-einvision, and reimagine.

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Let us please stop allowing corporations and industries to think for us. Let us please begin thinking for ourselves and for our Earth. I truly believe that the way forward is quite common sense.

We are taught from very early on not to harm or hurt others. So why would we want to even possibly consider hurting or harming our Mother (Earth).

Let’s think for ourselves and not be bought and sold by the plastics industry any longer.

Katie Harrison


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