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Adrian, MI – While batteries and light bulbs have become essential tools in our everyday lives – the disposal of them after they’ve been used up can prove to be a difficult task…and the Lenawee County Solid Waste Department recently published a list of helpful tips.

Some batteries and all fluorescent bulbs are considered hazardous waste, meaning they shouldn’t be put out with your regular household trash.

How to dispose of your batteries depends on the type.

• Alkaline batteries can go right in your regular trash can. There were regulations that passed in 1996 to decrease the mercury content.
• Battery Wholesale, located on North Main Street in Adrian accepts all recyclable batteries. Contact them to determine which are recyclable.
• Lowe’s in Adrian accepts lithium and rechargeable batteries.
• Staples accepts rechargeable batteries.
• Recycle Ann Arbor accepts lithium and rechargeable batteries.

Call before dropping off to ensure any of these places are still willing to accept the type of batteries you have on hand.

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